Social Network Analytics

Ulger Tec’s Social Network Analytics solutions is a state of the art work on social media with big data. We enable data science and big data to bring answers to the following questions.

Our data engine collects real time big data from social media and analyze it to find the answers on your brand’s or company’s social presence and social media activities. This engine currently works for Twitter. We continue to develop solutions for other social media platforms and will announce, when it is ready.

  • Measure and identify messages which gets lots of attentions.
  • Measure and identify the influential individual in your network.
  • Measure number of times others mention you or your brand.
  • Measure value of your content such as your message or your marketing campaign.

No need to hire experts or buy expensive software. Outsource this activity to an affordable monthly fee. Please check our Social Network Analytics prices.

Social Media Mapping : Valued influencer and contents has larger size in the Map.